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Welcome to the Dell Boomi Community!


Thanks for taking a moment to review these guidelines to learn how to be a positive, contributing member of the community.


Our goal is to provide an engaging, valuable community with peer-to-peer interactions and resources you need to be successful in using our products. To help with that goal, it's important to share the rules of engagement so everyone can have a positive experience with and benefit from the community.


We hope you enjoy the Dell Boomi Community, come back often, and become an active member.


Participation Rules

  • Be professional and polite - As a professional site, posts and contributions should be suitable for all users. We welcome all points of view on Dell Boomi-related topics and mature, polite debate is encouraged. We will remove any post or reply that includes derogatory, abusive, offensive, obscene, violent or inappropriate content. In other words, just be respectful as you would in any other professional setting.
  • Be honest, be yourself - Providing intentionally false and misleading information is not helpful and against the goals of the community. Be sincere in your participation by contributing only valid, useful content.
  • Keep it on topic - We're all here to talk about using the Dell Boomi products and integration so let's keep the conversations on topic. Share thoughtful, relevant questions and comments on the topic at hand. There are plenty of other sites out there to express your opinions on, well, everything else.
  • No spam or unsolicited advertisements - Refrain from advertising your services, wares, and job postings, and linking to your external website in discussions, ideas, articles, and blogs. However you are encouraged to use your Profile for this purpose.
  • Use your judgment - Much of the content in the community is user generated and while there is a lot of collective wisdom, there is no guarantee that it applies to your specific situation or even that is (or still is) 100% correct.
  • Don't plagiarize - Help maintain our and your reputation and only submit content that is your own. Be respectful of intellectual property rights and provide proper attribution when necessary.
  • Contact Dell Boomi support when appropriate - The community is primarily a peer-to-peer resource and not a direct communication channel with Dell Boomi. If you have an urgent or major product-related issue please contact the Dell Boomi technical support team through the appropriate channels.
  • Respect the privacy of others - While it's up to you to decide what you choose to share about yourself and your business, don't violate the privacy of others. Posts containing another user's private information including but not limited to postal address, e mail address, phone numbers, or other contact information will be removed immediately. Additionally  you should avoid posting customer data examples (any sensitive or personally identifying information should be masked), application credentials, and even your AtomSphere Account ID.
  • Look after your community - If you find anything that doesn't abide by these guidelines and terms of use, report it to our moderators by clicking Report Abuse.


Content Moderation

Messages may be edited, deleted, or moved to more applicable discussion areas. Community Members may be banned or removed from the community at the discretion of Dell Boomi.


While Dell Boomi does not censor members' thoughts, a post that is deemed not acceptable may be edited or removed without notice. Examples of such posts include:


  • "Rants", "slams", or legal threats against Dell Boomi or another company or competitor.
  • Threatening, defamatory, or abusive posts, either between forum members or directed towards a moderator, employee, or management.
  • Off-topic comments which are unrelated to a thread regarding a Dell Boomi product or related support issue.
  • Spam messages or posts repeated in various threads and spaces with little or no reference to relevant topic.
  • Language that promotes illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
  • Vulgar, obscene, or indecent language, information, or images.
  • Bigoted, hateful, racially offensive, or religious comments.
  • Unauthorized name dropping or private phone numbers and addresses (to protect privacy).
  • Unauthorized copyrighted material or plagiarized content.
  • Advertisements or posts that contain any form of commercial solicitation.
  • Impersonation of another person or affiliation with an entity, including Dell Boomi.
  • The dissemination of malware or other destructive material.


By using this community you agree to follow these guidelines and rules as well as the full Boomi Community Terms of Use. If you have any questions about our guidelines, terms, or policies, please let us know in About the Community.

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