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How to migrate to new certification platform?

Question asked by rajasekhar.godavarthi444832 on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by 77448132

Hi Team,  I recently completed Integration Developer Exam-1 on 7/29 by paying 400$ and also Integration Developer 1- On-Demand Course from LMS. 

I think, the whole platform got changed now.  I have gone through below article but I still have following questions.  

1)    My certification is still valid?

2)    What is my status at this moment?

3)    As per above article, are you going to award me “Associate Dell Boomi Developer Certification”?  If yes, can you please update and let me know.

4)    Going forward LMS portal is only place for certification?  Is it going to be free or do we need to pay anything for Professional Dell Boomi Developer Certification?  I really need your help regarding this situation.  Kindly suggest me.