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ftp training test

Question asked by thinkpanther on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by andrew_mishalove

Hi All,


I am going through the Boomi online training and one of the first exercises it has is the Account XML to CSV one where we connect to the boomi training ftp server and get all files with Account. I tried running a 'Test' on the process after creating and configuring the FTP and Disk steps and connecting them together but my test is stuck at the FTP step. I guess it is not able to find any files in the FTP server.


Can someone please advise how I can ensure that files are present in the FTP server?


Also I cant seem to cancel the test run by clicking on the 'x Cancel Test Execution' button/link. 


PS: The password for is not available as well (its encrypted) for one to check for the files manually and/or post new ones