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Multiple Array generating multiple files

Question asked by murthang820135 on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by leif_jacobsen

Hi All,

I am calling orchestrator thru dell boomi to fetch some customer records. I am getting multiple rows of data. I need to check all rows and based on some conditions, need to map the output to different parameters. The problem I am facing is dell boomi is generating different output files which is equivalent to number of rows fetched. Example: if 7 rows are fetched, then it is generating 7 files with different different parameters. I need to generate only single file with all the parameters. Attached is screenshot.

Source JSON:

Destination JSON:

Here, multiple records of data will be returned, based on line id I need to map data in apContact1, apContact2 and apContact3. For Example: If line id = 1, map AlphaName to, If line id = 2, map AlphaName to, If line id = 3, map AlphaName to Also,for each line id i need to check the Phone Type. If Phone type is D, map to phone number to telephone, if phone type is F, map phone number to fax.

Below is the Javascript code which i added:

if (LineId == '0') {
    name1 = MailingName;
    if(PhoneType == 'D' || PhoneType == ' '){
    else if(PhoneType == 'C'){
    else if(PhoneType == 'F' || PhoneType == 'FAX'){

Below is the output records which I am getting from orchestrator:


Please help me regarding this issue.