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Veratad integration - incorrect/no response JSON

Question asked by jledva699141 on Oct 18, 2018
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I am new to Boomi so please forgive me if I sound like a newbie, because I am. I hope this post is not out of line or too long.


I am trying to create a process to to a request to Veratad for age verification. It is connecting ok, and passing the correct JSON to the Veratad API but the response is not what I expect. It is returning the same JSON that I sent over as the payload, I think. Here is a screenshot of the process



The first Message shape hard codes the JSON payload. It then goes to the TRY branch and executes the "Veratad HTTP Connection" connector which connects ok. It then executes the "Verartad HTTP Client Post Operation" operation. According to the process log (3rd screenshot below) it executes the send OK and gets a 200 response from the server, then closes the connection. When I click on the Connection shape and view Shape Source Data it shows the correct JSON payload. When I click Connection Data it shows the exact same JSON that is in the Shape Source Data document. The JSON that should be returned from the Veratad service is different and includes a pass/fail status.


A screenshot of the "Verartad HTTP Client Post Operation" configuration is directly below. I think the response profile is correct, I imported it from the Veratad docs. I also included a screenshot of this as the 2nd screenshot below. I can send this request using Postman, with the exact same JSON payload, and it responds with the correct JSON from Veratad.


Am I missing something? Any ideas/help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!