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Failed processing original documents i0i in the Successfactors Source connector

Question asked by on Oct 19, 2018

We have installed local atom on Linux. After successful installation, we found java home pointing to jre directory under atom installation directory instead point to java jre on the server. During installation the installation did not prompt us to installa jre from platform but somehow it was installed without our notice.

When we ran one process the process got failed with the error below. But when we tested connectivity to successfactors alone with few PersonIdExternals it is working fine.

We later set the JAVA_HOME global variable to Java Home which local atom pointing to and ran the process again but failed with the same error below.


Failed processing original documents i0i in the Ciphercloud Connector Source connector: com.boomi.connector.api.ConnectorException: [EXCEPTION] Unknown failure


I have two question here below.

1. Why installer installed java in the installation directory even though java is already existing on the server.

2. Why process is getting failed even though connectivity to SF working fine.