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Help on 837 Boomi mapping to avoid Cache look up

Question asked by venkatakishorebabu.bellam on Oct 18, 2018

We are tuning the 837 claims process to improve the performance. Request your help if there is a solution for this case and avoid file caching and read it from cache look up.


Source : EDI file ( may contain 1 or many transactions)

Target : One file/message per transaction.


Issue: This is happening only when EDI file has more than one transaction.


ISA and GS segments are not assigned to all the transactions after the split of Source EDI file.

If EDI file has only one transaction, ISA till IEA all segments are populated on target.


But if EDI file has more than 1 transaction, ISA and GS are assigned to ONLY first transaction after the split and not assigned to rest of the transactions.

Same way GS and IEA are assigned to only last transactions and not assigned to any of the transactions.


How can I make these ISA, IEA and GS,GE populated on all transactions.

Current design: Caching the Source EDI file and look up later to assign 40(approx.) attributes on all the transactions.

Ex: 40(approx.) attributes times n transactions.