Extract each url value of 1 JSON file and make a REST request to it

Discussion created by fawkes323527 on Oct 22, 2018

Hey everyone, i am new to Boomi, and followed training till developer 1. I'm stuck at how to get an url value that i can use to make new requestz with.


What i currently do is:

1. Make 1 general REST request to get a list of 100 messages

2. Then in each message array there is a field called url with a value: www.domain.com/message/1234 (going to this url will give me more specific message data)

3. Now there are 100 of these different urls exactly in the general REST request, so when i got to www.domain.com/message/1234 ill do some mapping and then boomi must return to do the same thing with the 2nd url mentioned in the general REST request and so on till it reaches the 100th url.


Tried so far:

1. Setting a properties shape as Dynamic Document Property with the Property Name as: url

2. In the properties shape setting parameter with settings:

- Type: Profile Element

- Profile Type Json

- Profile my request profile i already created

- Element: url


And from here im stuck, cause every REST request call will be a different url, so how do i build this?

Thank you