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Looping and getting all occurences of 1 specific JSON value

Question asked by fawkes323527 on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by trey.yeager826393

Hi, I have a list of 100 elements in a JSON file that i get as response for calling 1 REST service and they contain a number stored in the ID element that i want to use to make 100 individual REST calls to get more specific information on.


Currently I only get the first value to be parsed and the other 99 not. Ive tried mapping, but no luck so far.


Currently my situation is:

1. Make REST call with and it will then show my 100 recent messages.

2. I get the value of the "id" element.

3. Then I need to make another REST call to get specific message data with:

4. And do this for another 99 times for the other 99 messages.



Could someone give me some hints. Thank you