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Suggestions on Low Latency

Question asked by on Oct 23, 2018
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We have recently developed an integration between Oracle ERP and an internal system.

The process is exposed as a soap web service (API). 


We are planning to use General Mode for this process as the volume of calls is not much.

But we need to do a one time sync between the 2 systems where we are expected to sync 100K to 200K records.


When we did a load testing with 1K records, 

General Mode took upto 20 mins.

Low Latency mode took only 5 mins.


Looking for suggestions to finalize the next steps.


1. Can we deploy the process with Low Latency and do the full sync.

    Once the sync is done, Is there anyway to switch the mode to General in run time ?


2. We are thinking to expose 2 web services.

    1. with General Mode --> For normal feed.

    2. with Low Latency --> Just for initial data sync. We can pause or undeploy this API/Process later.


3. Low Latency expectations will not turn up in Process Reporting unless there is an exception.

    If the exception is handled using a catch block, it will not be shown in process reporting.

    Is this understanding correct ?

    will test this scenario by forcing an error.


4. It is mentioned in the documentation that there is a time limit of 30 seconds for low latency processes in Atom Cloud.

    Is there any such limitation for Local Molecule (behind the firewall) or is there any property to tweak this value in Local Molecules ?