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Document Cache not behaving as expected

Question asked by vikas.manchanda824140 on Oct 26, 2018
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Hi -


I have a process with 3 branches. In branch 1, I capture all document errors and write to cache. In branch 2, I capture document errors and write to same cache and in branch 3, I am trying to retrieve all the errors written to cache and put into a file but when I am retrieving the cache it is returning more no. of documents than I have written. 


For e.g I had 10 documents for each branch. In branch 1, 5 documents get into a error, so I am combining  all of them into a flat file and writing to cache. In branch 2 again, 5 document get into error, so I am again combining the documents and writing to same cache. So technically, I have written 10 records into cache. 


When I am loading the cache in branch 3, it is returning 20 records. Does cache consider each row as a separate document ?? How am I getting 20 documents when I wrote only 10 ( 5 in branch 1 and 5 in branch 2). 


Please suggest.